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3 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time to Switch to Solar

Fall: The Best Time to Save Energy

Say goodbye to the season of dripping sweat and pesky gnats, and hello to fall!

As the fall season is right around the corner and the crisp autumn smell begins to linger, you may be opening up your windows to enjoy the fresh air. With the cooler temperature outside, running your air conditioner is the last thing on your mind. However, the solar panel experts in CT are here to share why this time of year is best to consider saving energy.

Build Energy

Did you know that you can earn energy credit from solar panels, a process known as net metering? It allows you to bank the extra energy rendered by your home or corporate building’s solar panels to use for the spring or summer months. For example, during autumn, your place generates less power (perhaps, due to reduced air conditioning usage), so you can apply the extra energy as a credit to help with the electricity bill when you do eventually need it.

Increase Performance

We all know that Connecticut can get pretty cold in the winter, and the snow may be annoying, but it does wonders for your solar energy system. The panels thrive in lower temperatures, increasing energy production efficiency, which means that when white snow reflects the sunlight, it significantly improves the power performance. Also, the panels will become an excellent tool for melting the snow on your roof.

Faster Installation

The average time frame to complete a solar panel project is three months – typically the busiest during warmer months. Therefore, consider installing in the off-season to expedite the process as the demand decreases. With fewer wait times for approvals and installation, you can start saving money sooner and ensure the system is properly working before summertime sneaks back around.

Ready to Go Green Today?

Don’t wait until the hottest, humid days to think about going solar. Located in Southwestern Connecticut, Solar Queen provides residential and commercial solar panel installation to promote eco-friendly living. Our team of professionals is eager to assist you with any of your solar energy needs.

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