Residential Solar

Residential Solar in Connecticut

Residential Solar

More and more Connecticut homeowners are looking to go solar — especially since electricity bills seem to keep going up with our ever-growing world of electronic devices. Residential solar panel installation can help you keep these costs under control, as well as protect the environment.

SOLAR QUEEN is your team of experts for solar panel installation at your Southwestern Connecticut-area home. We can equip your property with powerful energy-saving solar panels to reduce your electricity costs. Discover the benefits of going solar with help from our team of experts. Contact us today or call us at 203-449-6512 to get an estimate on your installation.

a home with solar panels on the roof

Is Solar Right For You?

There are great reasons to make the switch to solar power. From tax incentives to increasing your property value, schedule an appointment with an expert from SOLAR QUEEN to learn more about the benefits your home or business can reap!


Questions? We Have Answers

What if the power goes out?

To backup your home in the event of a power outage, battery storage will need to be installed.

What happens if I need a new roof?

If your home needs a new roof, we recommend having it installed first before the solar panels are added.

How do I claim my solar tax credit?

In the state of Connecticut, there are many different solar incentives available. Please speak with a member of our team to see which incentives you may qualify and how to claim them during tax season.